Property Industry

Why Hall Chadwick?

At Hall Chadwick we specialise in strategic, high-level consulting advice for investors in the the property industry, including developers, speculators or long term investors.

Business Structuring for Growth

Analysis of the objectives of the owners both at the entity level and the personal level

Selection of entity to purchase property – trust, company, joint venture, partnership, co-ownership etc. Considering issues such as:

How to minimise income tax and CGT

GST advice

Stamp duties

Tax profile of investors in entity

Distribution of income

Income sources for future expansion

Asset protection (i.e. for entity and investors)

Estate and Succession planning

Winding up of entities

Asset Acquisition and Disposals

Due diligence services on sale or purchase

Maximising deductions on property demolitions, redevelopments

Deducting pre-trading activities – GST credits, tax deductibility (black hole expenditure)

Deductibility of interest, depreciation of property, fixtures, chattels

Minimising CGT on land sales

GST – going concern, margin scheme, GST-free sales, input taxed

Identifying Stamp Duty issues

Property transfers within group / related entities – stamp duties, CGT rollover, cost base, tax payable, consideration

Contracts/Agreements/ Constitutional documents

Evaluation the impact of GST, income tax and other taxation and commercial issues

Reviewing trust deeds in relation to ability to borrow funds, distribute income and capital, ultimate beneficiary clauses

Creating of rights and options i.e. pre-emptive rights of purchase

Other Taxation Considerations

Utilising our international contacts to minimise global tax and maximise ability to raise capital

Repatriation of funds to Australia

Foreign sourced investments, income, withholding taxes, Double Tax Agreements

Debt Financing

Hall Chadwick has a finance broking division, Navigator Financial Services, which can assist you in obtaining the best and most suitable products to assist with the acquisition and/or development costs associated with your investment.

Other Taxation Considerations

Construction contracts – review of issues on transition to GST

Sale of premises – gross margin scheme, going concern provisions

Joint venture operations – implications on parties

Claiming input tax credits on acquisitions, ongoing supplies and apportionment methodologies

GST review of operations, including BAS preparation

Further Property Industry Information

For further information about our property industry services, please contact:

NSW Bill Petrovski +61 2 9263 2600

NSW David Kenney +61 2 9263 2600

VIC John Christopoulos +61 3 9820 6400

VIC Robert Lissauer +61 3 9820 6400

The Hall Chadwick Audit & Corporate Services Division provides assurance and specialist corporate advisory services to a range of range of entities, from publicly listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to small non-reporting entities. We offer businesses, financial and taxation advice, providing effective solutions to your business needs.

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At Hall Chadwick, our aim is to facilitate the achievement of your objectives through our range of services, which are carefully designed to add value to your business and result in the creation of corporate and personal wealth. To help you reach your goals, we get to know your business intimately, together with the environment in which it operates. Our partnering approach and commitment to client service will ensure that timely and effective advice is provided and the most productive outcomes for your business are achieved. With expertise in all areas of business, Hall Chadwick can provide the advice you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

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Our mission is to assist clients to create sustainable shareholder value through competitive advantage and organisational effectiveness. Our Corporate Finance Division is a boutique advisory practice which operates a personalised service focused on adding value to our clients’ businesses and increasing shareholder wealth.

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Depth and breadth of experience and expertise. If you are contemplating on ‘doing business in Australia’ it is imperative to find the right advice to familiarise yourself with the market, whether it be establishing or expanding a business in Australia. It is vital to have a thorough understanding of the taxation system and commercial laws, as well as the different cultural, political, administrative and legal issues.

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We take the time to understand your vision in order to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. Our Financial Planning model is built on Strategy Strategies (e.g. Wealth Creation, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning) that take into consideration matters that will impact on the growth and protection of your future wealth objectives. Structure (e.g. Personal, Trust, SMSF, Company) the ownership of assets and personal risk insurance to achieve a most tax effective outcome for yourself and the people you care for.

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Globalisation has seen even small organisations operating across diverse international jurisdictions. Meeting your tax and legal obligations right in one country is hard enough, let alone internationally. Hall Chadwick assists many large and small organisations in many different industries throughout the world. We currently assist over 70 multinational companies. Our expertise includes all aspects of international tax, including transfer pricing, high-level CFC and FIF issues, double tax agreements, foreign hybrid structures, transactional M&A and cross-border transactions, and the global mobility of expatriates.

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Our forensic accounting professionals have decades of experience in providing expert forensic accounting reports. During this time, our forensic accounting professionals have authored more than 3,000 expert reports on a diverse range of subjects in the context of financial disputes, accounting investigations, fraud, insurance claims and disputed valuations.

Our forensic accounting professionals have the experience and expertise to provide independent and expert accounting opinions on all aspects of accounting, taxation, corporate law, finance and commerce generally.

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Our firm provides consulting services in identifying and securing available Government grants and incentives for eligible enterprises. There is a significant range of grants, concessions and subsidies provided by all level of governments within Australia which aim to encourage innovation, foster investment and improve Australia’s international competitiveness. The process of obtaining a government grant is more substantial than completing and lodging a standard form, in most cases, a detailed business plan including financial budgeting, risk assessment and an outline of the potential benefits the business has for the Australian Economy. The format and presentation of the information is crucial to the extent of the government incentive received.

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Hall Chadwick sees tax reform as more than a tax issue, with the changes impacting on all areas of business operations. Business strategies and planning must remain alert to the latest developments. There are many tax changes that call into question the ongoing structure of your business model and its administration. We can assist your business to be better prepared for changes which result from ongoing tax reform. At Hall Chadwick, we draw on the experience of our specialist tax professionals who have over 15 years of experience in indirect taxes and our worldwide network of firms who keep abreast of changes internationally.

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Insolvency has become increasingly complex and specialised. Regardless of whether you are a lender of finance, a debtor, or a creditor, access to reliable financial profiles, strategic business recovery advice and insolvency services is essential to ensure that the business you are dealing with is clearly understood. With our experience in all areas of insolvency practice across Australia, our innovation, coupled with a team approach to problem resolution, has enabled us to develop reliable and mutually rewarding alliances with our associations in the banking and finance, credit management, accounting, and legal sectors. Highly qualified staff, sophisticated systems and processes, and access to a network of contacts including financiers, large national corporations, and government authorities, have enabled us to consistently deliver an unparalleled level of service and expertise.

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Recent research conducted by AFSA has shown that 47% of people facing bankruptcy will not seek out assistance due to embarrassment over their situation. Hall Chadwick is committed to the highest standards both professionally and personally. Hall Chadwick is always available to assist solicitors or accountants acting on behalf of their clients, whether it is in the form of general Bankruptcy Law advice or a specific problem that requires detailed investigation. Hall Chadwick’s extensive experience is dedicated to providing timely professional advice to meet the diverse needs of clients. We have been involved in the management and successful reconstruction of both small, as well as large corporate and personal administrations ranging from the building industry to the medical field.

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At Hall Chadwick, we specialise in strategic, high-level consulting advice for investors in the property industry, including developers, speculators or long term investors.

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At Hall Chadwick, we provide professional advice and services to a wide variety of clients including large public companies, privately owned businesses, non-profit organisations and government instrumentalities. Our clients operate in a broad range of industries including business and property services, communication services, finance and insurance, education, government, manufacturing, mining, transport and others. For clients operating globally, our international tax experts add value to your business through the use of best-practice techniques and immediate access to our well-established network of offices worldwide.

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Hall Chadwick appreciates that every industry is unique, which is why we take a tailored approach to your specific business needs. We provide a comprehensive range of industry-focussed services to meet the individual requirements of your organisation.

As one of Australia’s leading accounting firms, Hall Chadwick is experienced in providing specialised solutions to assist clients to deliver their business strategy in complex industry environments.

With experience across a wide range of industries, Hall Chadwick provides your business with practical support and reliable solutions.

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It is essential for you to have access to strategic business recovery advice, whether you are a financier, a debtor or a creditor. Hall Chadwick’s extensive experience lies in all areas of insolvency practice across Australia. Our innovation, coupled with a team approach to problem resolution, has enabled us to develop reliable and mutually rewarding alliances with our associations in the banking and finance, credit management, accounting and legal sectors. Throughout Australia, you’ll find registered trustees and official liquidators able to service your local region. Highly qualified staff, sophisticated systems and committed leadership mean that we consistently deliver an unparalleled level of service and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for each situation.

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For more information, or to discuss your individual business needs, please contact your local Hall Chadwick office.