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Hall Chadwick is one of the largest and most experienced accounting groups in Australia servicing clients in every major capital city and many regional centres in Australia.

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Hall Chadwick offers a stimulating work environment giving you the opportunity to develop your future success. After all, your success is our success. 


When you need sophisticated, discreet and time-sensitive guidance, you need people you can rely on. The support of a trusted analyst at critical moments can make all the difference. When you bring on the right people early, you and your business stand the best chance of mitigating risk and meeting your goals.

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Personal Insolvency

Get a hold of your personal debt and avoid bankruptcy with our help

Financial challenges can sneak up on you.

Whether struggling to pay debts or facing more serious financial difficulty, Hall Chadwick can help by reviewing your personal financial situation, looking for ways to help you find financial relief now, while protecting your financial future.

Contrary to what you might think, declaring bankruptcy doesn’t always mean you lose everything. Get our help now, while there’s a chance to negotiate a scenario that’s a win/win for you and your creditors. We view bankruptcy as a last resort, as we understand the effect it can have both emotionally and financially.

Meet our Registered Trustees for Personal Insolvency

With our guidance and expertise by your side, you’ll have a clear path forward and be on the way to financial stability. Let us relieve you of the burden of unfeasible repayments by helping you file for personal bankruptcy and work with creditors to agree to have a debt managed plan.

John Shanahan


Matthew Vines


Relief from financial stress


We understand both sides of personal insolvency and provide all parties with a resolution that alleviates financial stress.


Having an outlined path will help you see there’s a way through that feels good for you and your creditors.


You don’t need to do this on your own. Our registered trustees respect your privacy and provide confidential advice you can trust.

We can help if you’re:

  • Behind on your mortgage payments
  • Unsure of what options you have
  • Being harassed by debt collectors
  • At risk of having your home taken away
  • Looking to take back control of your finances
  • Need guidance with bankruptcy

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