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Introducing the Life/Work Shield

31 May 2022

Employers and HR leaders are growing acutely aware of the importance of retention, engagement, and morale in their organisations post-pandemic. The uncertainty caused by COVID has prompted many people to reassess their job satisfaction, the benefits they’re offered, and their work/life balance.

As a result, more and more employees are looking elsewhere in pursuit of health and happiness. But with the right insurance employee benefits package in place, your clients could attract and retain talent and reduce absenteeism — and all without breaking the bank.

Here, we explore the reasons why using insurance as an employee benefit is such a worthwhile benefit and arm you with the facts and talking points for your clients.

According to Microsoft’s Annual Work Trend Index Report, 52% of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to consider changing employers this year (up 3%, year-over-year). But it’s not only this younger cohort, it’s the middle aged, more experienced employees who are also leaving that are even more costly to replace – that’s without factoring in the lost intellectual property.

The “Great Resignation” is seeing over half the workforce eyeing the exit door, so it makes sense for employers to be an employer of choice by offering a more meaningful benefits package to demonstrate that they have their employees’ best interests at heart.

What’s more, it helps them stand out from the competition when it comes to recruitment, positioning them as caring and thoughtful employers for anyone considering a change of scenery.

Hall Chadwick is here to empower employers with an innovative approach – giving you a new way to support employees financially.  If you’d like to find out more contact Hsu Chiang on +61 2 9263 2603 or hchiang@hallchadwick.com.au

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