Doing Business In Australia

26 February 2021

Doing Business In Australia

Global thinking.  Local understanding.  Personal connections. 

Our experience is that businesses are investing in Australia for our consistent and strong economic growth, the stability of the banking system and independence of the judiciary. 

Australia is the world’s sixth largest country and offers international investors a commercially progressive and innovative business environment. 

The economy is based on the free enterprise system and certain sectors are subject to government regulation. 

The Australian government is a parliamentary democracy following the English Common Law system. There are six states and two self-governing territories, each with its own legislative, executive and judicial arms of government.

Our fast growing 25.4 million population is culturally diverse with 28% of the population born overseas.  The national language is English and 3.2 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.4 million speak a European language.  Three state capital cities rank in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. 

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