David Ross

A Partner in Hall Chadwick’s Insolvency division, David Ross is recognised for his enthusiasm and commitment towards saving companies. David has had almost 20 years experience in the area of financial reconstruction, recovery and management of distressed companies. David’s history of working for small family companies enables him to empathise with his clients’ difficulties and develop commercial solutions. Before joining Hall Chadwick, David worked as a Manager for a number of Registered Clubs experiencing financial difficulties. He also worked as a Director of a family company in the printing and graphic design industry, an experience he says: “has enabled me to understand and empathise with the difficulties experienced by small businesses”. David’s expertise in the management of small to medium companies (SME)makes him an invaluable member of the firm. He has extensive experience in the analysis of companies in a range of industries and developing financial and commercial solutions in the restructuring and management of companies. This diversity and the challenge it presents is one of the things David enjoys most about working in Hall Chadwick. Better still, he says, is the satisfaction he derives from being able to save companies in financial difficulty and restructure their financial affairs. David’s history as a company director provides him with a heightened understanding of the effects of a company’s financial difficulties upon the individuals who make up the company, and the ease with which these can spread to the people connected to them. “Small companies tend to be family-owned,” he explains, “I understand from experience how financial difficulties within the company can affect the family as a whole.” David also spent 18 months as the Country Manager of the Hall Chadwick office in Malaysia. His focus in Malaysia was developing financial and commercial solutions to the collection of non performing loans of the banking sector in the region. He was also active in the development of a number of proposals in respect to the establishment of Real Estate Investment Trusts in Malaysia and had led the due diligence on a number of property portfolios and asset management companies. David is excited about the future of Hall Chadwick and his opportunity to contribute to it. “This is a period of growth,” he says. “We have a really good opportunity at the moment to cement our position as one of the leading insolvency practitioners in Australia.”

Professional Qualifications
  • CPA
  • MBA International Business
  • Official Liquidator
  • Registered Liquidator
Industry & Service Specialisation
  • Insolvency and Business Recovery
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Contact Details
Phone: (02) 9263 2600
Fax: (02) 9263 2800
Email: dross@hallchadwick.com.au