Government Incentives

Why Hall Chadwick

Our firm provides consulting services in identifying and securing available Government grants and incentives for eligible enterprises. There is a significant range of grants, concessions and subsidies provided by all level of governments within Australia which aim to encourage innovation, foster investment and improve Australia’s international competitiveness. The process of obtaining a government grant is more substantial than completing and lodging a standard form, in most cases, a detailed business plan including financial budgeting, risk assessment and an outline of the potential benefits the business has for the Australian Economy. The format and presentation of the information is crucial to the extent of the government incentive received.

Our Specialty Areas

The range of existing Government incentives is extensive and constantly changing. Prior studies have estimated that the total combined government incentive programmes (Federal, State and Local Government) are in the order of 800. For this reason we have chosen to concentrate on the ones which we think are most beneficial to our clients. We consult in matters dealing with:

  • Export grants
  • Customs Duty concessions
  • State Government Incentives for Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Research and Development START grants and 125% taxation concession
  • Import/Export Credits
  • Infrastructure Assistance
  • Concessional Finance and Aid programmes
  • Start up grants for new technology enterprises
  • Further Government Incentives Information

    For further information about government incentives, please contact:

  • NSW David Kenney on 02 9263 2600