Insolvency Presentation in Darwin

When the wolf is at the door you need expert advice.

Hall Chadwick and Cozens Johansen Lawyers are pleased to share the successful event of “Keeping the Wolf from the Door” which focused on the recent developments in insolvency industry.
This complimentary seminar provided knowledge sharing as well as networking opportunities with fellow professionals in the Darwin area.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the topics covered at the seminar:
  • Draft legislation on Safe Harbour
  • Draft legislation Ipso facto clause
  • Remuneration – What is reasonable?

  • Read more here: Keeping the Wolf from the Door.pdf

    Budget Update 2017-18

    Mr Scott Morrison, the Federal Treasurer, has handed down his second Budget (the government’s first of its three-year term). Mr Morrison said the Budget is focused on boosting the economy and households, so that “we live within our means and are able to return the Budget to balance in 2020/21”.

    Read more here: Budget Update 2017-18.pdf